Deleting data

Clearing the database

You can initialise or reinitialise the database using idba_reinit_db():

! Start the work with a clean database
ierr = idba_reinit_db(handle, "repinfo.csv")

idba_reinit_db() clears the database if it exists, then recreates all the needed tables. Finally, it populates the informations about the reports (such as the available report types, their mnemonics and their priority) using the data in the file given as argument.

The file is in CSV format, with 6 columns:

  1. Report code (corresponding to parameter rep_cod)

  2. Mnemonic name (corresponding to parameter rep_memo)

  3. Report description

  4. Report priority (corresponding to parameter priority)

  5. Ignored

  6. Ignored

If "" is given instead of the file name, idba_reinit_db() will read the data from /etc/repinfo.csv.

This is an example of the contents of the file:

01,synop,report synottico,100,oss,0
04,ana_lm,valori analizzati LM,-1,ana,255
06,pre_cleps_box1.5maxel001,previsti cosmo leps box 1.5 gradi valore max elemento 1,-1,pre,255
07,pre_lmn_box1.5med,previzione Lokal Model nudging box 1.5 gradi valore medio,-1,pre,255
08,pre_lmp_spnp0,previsione Lkal Model prognostica interpolato punto piu' vicino,-1,pre,255
09,boe,dati omdametrici,100,oss,31

idba_reinit_db() will not work unless rewrite has been enabled for the data when opening the database.

Deleting data

Data is deleted using idba_remove_data():

! Delete all data from the station with id 4 in year 2002
ierr = idba_seti(handle, "ana_id", 4)
ierr = idba_seti(handle, "year", 2002)
ierr = idba_remove_data(handle)

This code introduces a new function:

idba_remove_data() will not work unless rewrite has been enabled for the data when opening the database.