Helpers for pretty-printing

There are a number of functions in DB-All.e, the idba_describe_\* group of functions, that are not needed for normal processing but can be useful to improve the presentation of data to users.

All these function take a number of parameters and a string, and they store a proper description of the values into the string.

The functions are:

  • idba_describe_level(): Describes a level. For example, idba_describe_level(handle,106,10,106,20,string) will store in string something like: “Layer between 10hm and 20hm above ground”.

  • idba_describe_timerange(): Describes a time range. For example, idba_describe_timerange(handle,3,0,600,string) will store in string something like: “Average between reference time+0s to reference time+600s”.

  • idba_describe_var(handle,varcode,value,string)(): Describe a value. For example, idba_describe_var(handle,"B12001","280",string) will store in string something like: “280 (K) TEMPERATURE/DRY-BULB TEMPERATURE”.