FAQ and Troubleshooting

How do I access the station values?

There are two ways:

If you know in advances what variables you want to read, you can find them among the results of idba_next_station():

! Query station data
ierr = idba_query_stations(handle, count)

! Get the informations about a station
do i=1,count
  ierr = idba_next_station(handle)
  ierr = idba_enqc(handle, "name", cname)
  ierr = idba_enqi(handle, "B02001", type)
  ! ....

If you want to see all the extra station data available, you can make an explicit query for the extra station data using idba_query_data() and idba_next_data():

ierr = idba_seti("ana_id", id)
ierr = idba_query_data(handle, count)
do i=1,count
  ierr = idba_next_data(handle, param)
  ! get the value of this variable
  ierr = idba_enqc(handle, param, cvalue)
  print*,param,": ",cvalue